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"Koginka Kamaru Xue is an Andean master par excellence. His impeccable heart weaves in his teachings all aspects of life to recover humanity's full potential and capability. His immense soul carries the unwavering commitment only a true master can behold, one of flawless consciousness, of courage beyond words and remarkable precision what humans came here to accomplish. As a mother of two boys and an apprentice of Koginka I am more than fortunate to raise the next generation under the guidance and instructions of a legendary man, one who has touched the lives and hearts of many including myself; and for that I am immensely grateful. "            

"This grand and majestic global work to restore humanity and its sacred places would not be possible without the exceptional contribution of Beatriz. As a Mother and manager of Xolar Vibronics she is more than a backbone to this work and us students. She is the living loving proof that humanity can turn its course towards what is natural, sacred and original and that raising children consciously is a living integral aspect of our role and goal as humans. I am immensely grateful to experience her tireless effort to always do what is natural and from the heart.  - Nadine Brasunas, North Carolina, USA" 

Koginka Kamaru Xue is a guide for the lost souls who want to come back to the Mother. Koginka is my friend, he is my Mentor and he is also a man. He is the greatest reflection of all these things I have ever seen. His greatness is no different than Air, Water, Earth or see and appreciate these natural Elements the Mother has given us all requires recovering the value for what is natural, mysterious and yet can not be lived without in all of our lives.  –

Beatriz Schmidt I have know for 15 years. I remember the first time I met her and I was struck by the grace and beauty of how she holds herself silently and aloud. Throughout the years she has always been a Spiritual Mother for all the students who have ever been involved in the Xolar Vibronics community including myself. Her kindness, gentleness and service is unparalleled in the world. I have never met a woman as great as her. She has exemplified to me what I think any woman should strive to become; . . . a true expression of what the Mother teaches and dutiful servant to all souls and all sentient beings of the Creation.  -  Geronimo Ikaro Phoenix, Michigan, USA

"In a little over four years of acquaintance with Koginka K’amaru Xue as a teacher and spiritual mentor, I’ve come to realise there’s really no way to accurately describe the impeccable and exceptional way in which he holds and conducts himself in all that he does. To his absolute credit, he is a human enigma. One that I suspect will only ever be grasped by courageously following in his footsteps as much as humanly possible, using his living example and heart-level guidance as a rare and yet indispensable light upon the path toward recovering full conscious communion with the power that creates us. Anyone genuinely seeking the realisation of their true nature and purpose upon this Earth, can likely find no better guide and ally than Koginka."            

"Beatriz Schmidt is the backbone of Xolar Vibronics, tirelessly upholding the continuity of its varied and complex practical demands. It’s often said that, behind every man who accomplishes greatness in any field, there is invariably an equally exceptional woman at their side, usually working humbly in the background. Beatriz is one of those tireless and indispensable women, and an exceptional human being in her own right, without whom I know Xolar Vibronics would never have become what it is today."  -   Jonathan Evatt, Nyuichi, New Zealand

"Koginka Kamaru Xue, founder of Xolar Vibronics, is a legendary, virtuous & precious treasure for humanity with a radiant & immense Heart.  If you want to be reborn into consciousness, recover your soul “solid spiritual integrity" and find yourself doing the role of a lifetime, then you must take the giant leap & show up with your Heart to be trained by this Masterful Mentor.  Your spiritual development & achievements will grow beyond your imagination into infinity & into the heart of Creation, our Universal Primordial Mother, the Divine Mother."           

"Beatriz Schmidt is a true beacon of light for all, a reflection and example of a powerfully integrated woman holding consciousness and the ever fresh wisdom of the Divine Mother.  As the administrator for Xolar Vibronics and a wholesome person she exudes ease, flow, focus, love and devotion in her sacred role.  I am eternally grateful for the wise, concise and precise ways in which she continues to help & guide my soul."      –     Regine Veraguas, Cape Town, South Afrika

"My teacher, my mentor Koginka Kamaru Xue, my spiritual guide, you have apprenticed my soul in the realms of consciousness, introduced me to the ancestors and brought me back in my heart to "Be" with the Mother of all. How could my soul not be eternally grateful to yours . . . . . "  

"Beatriz Schmidt, since I have known you these past ten years, my heart recognises in you a unique example of sacred motherhood, beautiful wise-womanhood, and your infinite patience. By the Grace of the Mother, what a privilege it has been . . . . . "    -   Christine Stokes, Varsha, England

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is a master soul-guide for the ones dedicated to return to the natural functioning and be of service on this earth. He has the ability to transmit teachings that connect with the truth in your heart and support you to bring it forth into a world that needs our hearts now more than ever."   

Beatriz Schmidt is an extraordinary woman with an amazing skill to administer and maintain the practicalities of the many students and properties with such grace.   -     Magdalena Vestman, Sweden

"My heart overflows with immense gratitude, tribute, and homage for the Andean master Koginka Kamaru Xue. A true and pure lover of the Mother and of all her Creation, Koginka Kamaru Xue relentlessly spiritually trains Souls to return to the ancestral holistic wise ways of living and being in reciprocity, balance and harmony with the living ecosystems of Nature. He is a true master in transmitting impeccably at an energetic vibrational level the pure consciousness that the heart and Soul is precisely longing and yearning for to recover its power, integrity and dignity. I deeply cherish and value all that he continuously does for humanity and the planet, and I will stand by him in service for all my life."                  –    

"I have a sincere and profound respect for Beatriz Schmidt for her impeccable selfless work of service as an administrator of the school of Xolar Vibronics, and for her exemplary dedication and consistency in supporting the mission of Koginka Kamaru Xue.  I hold in high esteem her humble presence of pure heart, feminine dignity, and spiritual integrity. Beatriz Schmidt is truly achieved and accomplished as a wholesome woman in consciousness. She naturally embodies and transmits the living wisdom of a loving mother in her every interaction with the students of Xolar Vibronics. I am deeply grateful for who she is, and I will stand by her always."     -      Marie Hache, Zaliuma,  Canada

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is a rare and majestic soul who moves with skill, grace, and mastery in all that he does.  His life is one of loving service, teaching by example the art of sacred reciprocity to bring greater balance and harmony to the Mother and her entire creation.  He serves as the prophetic bridge between the ancient original knowledge of the wise elders and all of us who are in desperate need to hear and integrate these jewels of wisdom.  I am so grateful for all of the guidance and support he has offered me in all areas of my life."

"Beatriz Schmidt is a woman of tremendous dedication and commitment in her role as the Manager of Xolar Vibronics. She is genuine and down-to-earth, someone I deeply admire, appreciate, and enjoy working with.  Although Beatriz avoids the spotlight, she is a gifted teacher in her own right, simply because she constantly lives and breathes this sacred work.  Her groundedness is vital to the smooth functioning of Xolar Vibronics."  – Lynn McCulloch, Seiuma, Asheville, North Carolina

"I have known Koginka Kamaru Xue for many years and I find him extraordinarily perceptive, full of integrity and very heart centered.  I am 82 years old now and for the last four years he has been my spiritual mentor.  He is able to see life very clearly and helps his students eliminate whatever issues have not allowed them to reach their full potential as souls." Beatriz Schmidt is an extraordinary woman with an amazing skill to administer and maintain the practicalities of the many students and properties with such grace.     

I have known Beatriz Schmidt for many years and I find her a very warm, caring, and open person.  She is extremely organized, competent, and able to handle all the details of the work she does.    -     Mona Dinaburg, Florida, USA

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is a true master and lover of the divine mother, a sacred ally that deeply reflects to me the true essence of the spirit that holds immense dedication and love to deeply help humanity and nature return to its natural state of functioning. His guidance and support has revived my heart and soul in a way I never thought was possible, and for this I will always cherish his efforts and the hand he extends out for us as a guiding light to help us recover who we really are and live a life with meaning and consciousness."

"Beatriz Schmidt is a critical asset to Xolar Vibronics that holds many pieces of the puzzle together. As a mother, manager, and administrator, she deeply reflects to me the amazing power of a woman, a true master and ally that gives herself in all she does to be of service, doing her part that helps hold all of this together with amazing solidity, commitment, and reliability; that which continually shows me that anything is possible when our heart is aligned with the Mother."  – Kodi Vredenburgh, Florida, USA

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is an incredibly beautiful master and developed Andean heart. He has come from his ancestral sacred lands to share with yearning souls the Divine Mother's Original Living Knowledge. My experience in the last 12 years studying with him and working alongside him in service has been profoundly valuable, life changing, and very powerful. Koginka is a beautiful and special shining, resilient light with amazing tenacity, love and commitment to do the spiritual work. I have never met a person that is more alive and dedicated than him, and it is a tremendous honor for my soul to be with him walking together".  

"Beatriz Schmidt is a very dedicated and beautiful soul that is absolutely committed to holding the spiritual work for the Mother. She has a depth of love and caringness inside of her heart that is a spiritual power. Her unwavering strength and soul beauty has done so much for the school. Immense gratitude for this divine servant.   -  Lauren Aiyana, Asheville, NC

"Beatriz Schmidt is a rare example of a woman that holds integrity and dignity. She is a great support to the students of Xolar Vibronics, and a dedicated ally to the work and mastery of Koginka Kamaru Xue. Her virtue is in her humble service and devotion to the Mother Earth and pioneering the path for those that would like to do the same. I am grateful to have her as a mentor and to have her motherly & loving support in my life." Angela Kellner, Canada

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is the light in the darkness of confusion of these times, shining with radiance and power and guiding us in the direction that aligns us on our way back to the source of our soul's origin.  He teaches with great clarity, depth, and impeccability the elements that replenish & nourish every yearning heart. He has helped my own soul out of the darkness and ravages of the tumultuous storms that were taking me down.  My heart is shining brightly again and is now working to return to its origin, the Divine Mother with his silent, loving support, service and assistance.  I wish that I had the words to describe my heart's deepest gratitude for his soul."

"Beatriz is the living example and reflection to everyone, especially women, of a naturally functioning and balanced woman who has reintegrated her energy and stands beautifully with a feminine power that is aligned with the Divine Mother, with her purpose of being in service and assisting peoples' souls to return to its natural ways of being. She is a testament of the powerful effects of the energetic and spiritual work under the guidance of Koginka Kamaru Xue that has brought transformations in her spirit and physically.  Her heart is humble and kind and transmits great support, which I truly appreciate as I hold great love in my heart for her.      -     Christina Pardos, Lake Worth, FL, USA

"This work reconnects our heart and souls back to the innocence for which we are all born. Somehow through our journey in this life, darkness tries to steal what rightfully belongs to us. Koginka Kamaru Xue has the love, patience, and enlightened insight as to how this happens and where it came from, while reconnecting our souls and unshackling the power of light within us . . . Thank you!"    -      Susan Christiansen.Florida, USA

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