Koginka Kamaru Xue, is a gifted andean healer and maestro from Colombia, South-America, and a talented shamanic practitioner, internationally admired as one of the most accurate vibrational readers of these times.  He is a skillful practitioner in the art of naturopathic, ayurvedic, modern homeopathic, functional and vibrational medicines and an expert in the modern art and science of empathetic and sympathetic resonance.  He is also a yoga, martial arts and dynamic healing master, who began his intense training in many spiritual and healing modalities with world-known masters at a very early age when he started manifesting his special talents such as the natural ability to read subtle energy facts with remarkable perception.  


Koginka has spent many years in an intense spiritual visionary quest in the heart of the andean mountains in severe retreats and pilgrimages where he reached deep communion with the cosmic spirit and a strong link with the wisdom of his ancestors and mentors. His close and dedicated work to help the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, has earned him the honor to be recognized and ordained by them as the first and only "mama" outside their culture.


He has also devoted his entire life to an in depth study and research of the natural and spiritual realms and is well known in his field for his discovery of the effect of  VIBRATIONAL IMPACTS  that are encoded like parasites in the subtle components of the vibro-energetic human structure (luminous body) and which are the very cause of all kinds of tendencies, vicious patterns of self-sabotage and health disorders.  These amazing findings make him part of the great pioneers that are sculpting the true Holistic Medicine of the future.


With XOLAR VIBRONICS, his futuristic Art and Science of Vibrational and Holistic Healing Education, he gathers all the best of his studies, findings and versatile creativity from a whole life totally committed to compassionately contributing something truly valuable and wise to help the transformation of his fellow humans.  Koginka leads healing ceremonies, training programs and workshops, country and worldwide, and prepares holistic educators and qualified practitioners.  He also conducts a remarkable private practice full of miracles with an extended international community.



                                                                                                        KOGINKA KAMARU XUE

Koginka Kamaru Xue

Natural Healing Arts Guide and Spiritual Mentor

Beatriz Schmidt

Administrator &

Certified Xolar Vibronics Mentor

Beatriz is a german born in Bogota, Colombia, who spent 25 years preparing and gaining a variety of clerical and administrative skills needed to make her effective as an innovative manager for this groundbreaking service center.  


Her life really took shape when she met maestro Koginka Kamaru Xue some 25 years ago. Since the very first day, they recognized the importance of uniting their skills to create and labor a unique platform, now called "Xolar Vibronics" meant to educate and help others through Koginka's talented and very eclectic ways of holistic teaching.  


She has reached a unique level of self-mastery through her deep understanding of the complexities and serious impacts that her german heritage has brought into her life and she has gained unique clarity over the profound engrained level of afflictions of the german soul and on how to clear oneself so that the do not continue to get passed on to the next generations where they obliviously and blindly manifests in even more powerful ways.  As a specialized mentor she is fervently dedicated to passing her achieved clarity and guidance on to others, especially to those with german heritage or those that have been deeply impacted by the modern day indiscriminate emigration patterns from once own cultural background and cultural heritage.   The once that are now left with an inner deep sense of disconnection, loss and emptiness and a profound confusion and sense of "not belonging" because of it. 


Tremendous damage has been passed over through generations to the bodies, souls and spirits of the entire population of the European Continent with the continuous uprooting and displacement of its population.  Her gained insights have made her a great guide and mentor for those suffering the terrible aftermath of a continental culture devastated and disintegrated by the lethal and irresponsible actions of others.  


In 2010 she co-founded  with Koginka Kamaru Xue the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the original wisdom of the Divine Mother and those that still sacredly hold on to it like the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and other spiritual ancestors in America and worldwide.   

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