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Services Offered by Xolar Vibronics Approved Educator

What is a Xolar Vibronics Educator?

The Xolar Vibronics Educator is primarily someone that has been prepared to be a guiding light to you, while offering you a hand on your road to recovery of harmony and balance in your life, most likely lost by the overwhelming power of the artificial lifestyle that you have been leading, or by specific impactful events that have gradually disconnected you from the source of life that sustains you.  The modern lifestyle and the lack of support in righteous ways of living has detoured humans on a road to disease on a physical-emotional-spiritual level that has left him handicapped to function properly as he was created.  A Xolar Vibronics Educator is well-versed in aiding you to restore the proper integrated functioning of all your forces.


A Xolar Vibronics educator is an artisan that will help guide you back to your true nature and help you regain your integrity.  He has been given a variety of tools and skills to work with you in order to bring forth your light in consciousness.  Our educators have to go through a minimum of a 4-year intensive training program and have to have recovered their own level of integrity and impeccability first.  He will begin by offering you a consultation and assessment to evaluate your own unique composition of disrupting factors and then will aid you in learning effective ways to bring back your integrity. Our educators have varying degree in mastery depending on their own development and years of training and will offer sessions to you accordingly. Some may also offer other modalities not taught by Xolar Vibronics, but that have greatly improved in quality by the elements received through us.

Personalized Insights and Awareness - Guidance Sessions

The first session is focused on guiding you through a process of self-inventory of life events that will bring your attention to those moments in which your luminous body was vibrationally impacted in various degrees causing the disruption of proper functioning and the disintegration of your whole being from there on. Each follow up session will aid you to delve deeper into the nature of these impacts, allowing you to arrive at the root of your disruption through the ancient Andean Art of Recapitulation, Confession and Clearing, thus giving you the possibility to free yourself from the effects of these harmful impacts that vibrate in your luminous body until you consciously address them.

Xolar Vibronics Lifestyle Balance and Transitioning Sessions

These sessions were created to facilitate a natural transition into a healthy auspicious lifestyle specific for each individual that has been leading a stressful, chaotic life mainly caused by rutinary and artificial habits, harmful environments and making wrong choices due to the loss of knowledge about integral and balanced living. They include many possibilities of a preventive, educational and instructional nature that advise and guide people to make a gradual, effective and safe transition into a wholesome way of living.  The program places emphasis on physical, emotional and mental detoxification, revitalization, fitness, wellness, stress management and body-mind-spirit reintegration.  

Xolar Vibronics Comprehensive Chakra Balancing Sessions

This is a great vibrational re-integration session that will restore in your body as well as in the subtle structure of your being, the connection with the rays of light and harmonious emanations of the Sun and Mother Nature.  Our unique method will tune you into your own vibrational identity, eliminating all kinds of dissonances on all levels while expanding your radiance and light and bringing you a great sense of release and peace.  Xolar Vibronics Chakra Balancing has a deep and long-lasting effect on your physical, mental and spiritual field.  Balancing and tuning your chakras with this method will allow you to recover your own natural state of homeostasis and harmony while releasing you from various levels of dissonance that make your daily life difficult.  

Sessions may include elements like: negative energy clearing, electromagnetic stress release, polarity realignment, crystal enhancement, sound vibrational tuning and others to accomplish deeper states of self-awareness and recognition that allow you to release long held energetic patterns of malfunction.   

Combined with Personalized Insights and Awareness Guidance Sessions, Xolar Vibronics Chakra Balancing sessions will bring to you deep recognition and insights into the nature of your own energy field disruptions either on a physical or vibrational level, so that you can permanently eliminate them.

Practitioners may offer different levels of Xolar Vibronics Chakra Balancing depending upon the level of their training.  

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Due to the innovative nature of our services rates are based on a sliding scale and dictated by the nature of each person's condition and particular needs. Readings will be run to determine the price for each individual's particular condition.

Please contact us for approved Xolar Vibronics Practitioners

Xolar Vibronics Stress Management and Release Sessions

Sessions may include basic guided relaxation techniques and energetic cleaning to integrate the disharmonies in your energy field, to allow you to return to your natural state of being. Sessions can also include the removal of negative vibrations held by you due to environmental, electro-magnetics, emotional and mental factors and holdings.  

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