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Self-Improvement Educational Program

This 4-year program requires at least a year to year commitment. It is instructional and educational in nature, and aims at giving the student all the elements needed to engage in a deep journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Teachings are passed in group settings.  The apprentices gain deep insight and recognition into their own patterns of functioning that allows them to recognize elements that have been engrained and imprinted into their luminous body throughout many lifetimes.

Lifestyle Transitioning Program

This program was created to facilitate a natural transition for the individual that is leading a stressful, chaotic life mainly caused by a routine and artificial lifestyle, harmful environment and wrong habits and for the lack of knowledge about integral living.  The program includes many possibilities of preventive, educational and instructional nature that can guide people to make a gradual, effective and safe transition to a healthy, wholesome way of living.  The program places emphasis on a global physical, emotional and mental detoxification, revitalization, fitness, wellness, psycho-biodynamic activation, stress management and release, and body-mind-spirit reintegration.  Essentially it allows the person to see that there are many tools available for achieving their goals of better health, wellness and fulfillment. 

Detoxification Educational Program

This program is designed to teach the importance of reducing the levels of toxicity accumulated in the body, mind and spirit that ultimately can lead to irreversible terminal and degenerative disorders.  After a comprehensive evaluation the teachings are molded in accordance to the persons individual case to help him recognize the cause of their challenge.  It is a personally monitored program, led directly, indirectly or by distance by Koginka Kamaru Xue.  

Energetic - Emotional Resonance Program

This program is a more specific educational one on one guide that aids the person to trace and identify negative causes and levels of energetic and vibrational intensity caused by strong impacts from traumatic experiences.  It is a tool that allows the person to gain precise perception about his interaction with others, that pushes him to fall into repeated conflicts, contradictions and failures.  These impacts also have the power to reproduce themselves by creating negative vicious patterns of self-sabotage that unconsciously and very often control and manipulate the person's life. This is not psychoanalysis, because it is not based on a rational and conceptual exploration.  It is based on an energetic and vibrational intensity reading and detection system.

Personal Mentoring

This modality is set up to be done on a one on one basis, either in person or through distant sessions. A variety of tools and elements will be taught so that the interested person can grow amazingly in consciousness and regain his/her own power back by looking at the things that have impacted him throughout his life and to decipher how decisions made have affected the quality of life in the present, as well as how he can heal the soul 's afflictions and start making righteous decisions for a more harmonious future and the future of humanity as a whole.  This aproach looks at the human being as a whole and all aspects of it; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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