Self-Improvement Training Program

This training program requires a minimum of a one-year commitment.  It is instructional and educational in nature, and divided into different levels aimed at giving the student all the elements needed to engage in a journey of self-discovery and self-healing.  It gives deep insight into one's own pattern of functioning and of recognition of all the elements that have been engrained and imprinted into our luminous body.

Essential Dynamic Healing Program

For general purposes:  For people who do not have serious physical and mental implications or disorders but who want to initiate a natural and preventive transformation.  Also for people who want to start an integral personal maintenance plan in their lives and who want to start a holistic natural and aligned way of life.

For specific purposes:  For people that have been found to have a specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disorder and who want to recover homeostasis and their overall health through a natural and alternative way.

For acute, chronic or terminal cases: For people diagnosed with serious health implications, which by personal, familiar and professional decision have opted to take this alternative to try to reverse their condition and prolong their lives by avoiding painful and invasive procedures with irreversible side effects.

Detoxification Educational Program
This program is concentrated on specifically reducing the levels of toxicity accumulated in the body, mind and spirit that ultimately can direct it to irreversible terminal and degenerative disorders. This is done in a progressive way and in accordance with the individual’s capacities.  This program has different levels of depth that are followed in accordance with the needs and priorities naturally shown by the person.  It is monitored personally, directly, indirectly or by distance by Koginka Kamaru Xue, who has 25 years of extensive experience in guiding this program with people from all walks of life.  

Energetic - Emotional Resonance Program

This is a powerful and effective vibrational healing method that traces and identifies negative levels of energetic and vibrational intensity caused by strong impacts from traumatic experiences, which have the power to mislead people’s perception about their interaction with others, which pushes them to inevitably have conflicts, contradictions and failures.  These impacts also have the power to reproduce themselves by creating negative vicious patterns of self-sabotage that unconsciously and very often control and manipulate people’s lives.  This is not psychoanalysis, because it is not based on a rational and conceptual exploration.  It is based on an energetic and vibrational intensity reading and detection system.

Natalie Wood


Due to the innovative nature of our services rates are based on a sliding scale and dictated by the nature of each person's condition and particular needs. Readings will be run to determine the price for each individual's particular condition.

Lifestyle Transitioning Program

This program was created to facilitate a natural transition for the individual that is leading a stressful, chaotic life mainly caused by a routine and artificial lifestyle, harmful environment and wrong habits and for the lack of knowledge about integral living.  The program includes many possibilities of a preventive, educational and instructional nature that advise and guide people to make a gradual, effective and safe transition to a healthy, wholesome way of living.  The program places emphasis on a global physical, emotional and mental detoxification, revitalization, fitness, wellness, psycho-biodynamic activation, stress management and release, and body-mind-spirit reintegration.  Essentially all its components point at the holistic re-education of the person with the clear and serious goals of health, wellness and fulfillment.  This program is the beginning to the apprenticeship of the fundamentals in self-healing, self-care and self-knowledge.

Personal Mentoring

This modality is set up to be done on a one on one basis, either in person or through distant sessions. A variety of tools and elements will be taught so that the interested person can grow amazingly in consciousness and regain his/her own power back by looking at the things that have impacted them throughout their life and to decipher how decisions made have affected the quality of their life in the present, as well as how they can heal the soul 's afflictions and start making righteous decisions for their own future and the future of humanity as a whole.  This aproach looks at the human being as a whole and all aspects of it; physical, emotional, mental and  spiritual are taking into account and addressed accordingly.

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