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    There are many opportunities to see and to perceive extraordinary things in life and to break away from the confinement and suffocation of routinary degrading lives.  There are infinite opportunities to receive enlightening insinuations, perceptions, insights and revelations from Nature and the entire Creation, but to get fascinated by that spontaneous and glorious beauty, the mind has to be still and focused and yet serene in the intensity of the heart.  The mind has to be delighted and absorbed in the perception of Truth, which demands the full collection of all the energies that are used and wasted in many shallow reactions and vain activities.  Without that amazing state of fully being and perceiving in the heart, the miracle of life is totally wasted, sadly enough.


    Relationship means "reflection-ship" in the interaction with others or with any other thing in Nature or in the Creation.  Due to the deep and complex entrails and recesses of the human nature and the great variety of similarities and differences, the mutual mirroring "reflection-ship" is intended by the great intelligence to uncover the truth and the excellent integrity of the human beings which shine splendidly and radiantly in the interaction that is pure and originated in the clear reflection of the interaction.


    Unfortunately, not many human beings have reached the refinement of that clarity.  Instead, due to the vicious impositions of limited and obsessive demands and pleasures, humans reflect each other with mediocrity and sadly in a brutal or insensitive way since there is no fundamental clarity.  Therefore, there are all kinds of distorted reflections and projections which ultimately lead people to a very chaotic and idealistic life.


    To have the privilege to have a clear, pristine mirror in front of ourselves is as great as to have a true and eternal friend fused in our heart in deep communion, which is the only way in which communication and true relationship is created.


    A true, pristine and clear mirror which was forged by intense trials and purifying experiences of many challenges and by the action of a supreme fire, light and intelligence is very rare in a degraded society full of conformists and followers in a world dominated by morality, insanity and vanity; a humanity full of deception and confusion.  


    A true mirror has been simultaneously made by dynamic forces originated in a supreme intelligence acting powerfully in an intense process  which develops superb determination to eliminate any veils THAT OBSTRUCT CLARITY.  This process happens the same way that a crystal is made out of water compacted by great compression and molded by high heat to the point of being able to contain and reflect light simultaneously.


    A true, splendid mirror cannot be made overnight by a simple and sparkly willingness or by the result of agony and anguish, which lead to a desperate surrender or submission to empty, shallow and vain beliefs or standard codes.


    A true mirror is ultimately made by the powerful action of intelligence which is present in everything.  The decision and determination to be a mirror made by intelligence begins when one truly wants to see the reflection of oneself in everything and not only in that which pleases our egos; when one can embrace the fact that we are reflected in everything; and when one is in the present and doesn't want to become something in a remote, fictitious future that does not exist.


    To tell you the truth, a true mirror is very rare and special.  It is something so precious and magnificent that the heart has been longing for, for so long.  A true mirror is nothing but a pure heart that holds astonishing integrity and immense emptiness which can contain many things and envelop the entire Creation.  A pristine clear mirror never distorts anything.


    To question and debate about a pristine, clear mirror before seeing our own reflection or before facing ourself directly is nothing but a waste of time and, ultimately, a shallow intent to escape and avoid our own truth . . . .  which is impossible.   The nature of a true, pristine mirror is to reflect and reveal the truth that the light brings out of the shade.  


    NO ONE CAN FULLY KNOW WHAT A TRUE, PRISTINE MIRROR IS UNTIL ONE FACES HIMSELF DEEPLY AND AS ONE.  People achieve more by seeing their own reflection in a crystal mirror than trying to uncover themselves through fancy and sophisticated experts with external theoretical advice. 

Original Wisdom as passed by Koginka Kamaru Xue

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