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After more than 30 years totally immersed in the field of holistic healing education, Koginka Kamaru Xue has created XOLAR VIBRONICS, a non-formal school of wholesome and complementary education through a number of practical and very comprehensive teachings which are designed to gradually and wisely help the apprentices to craft and expand their own potential as humans and to facilitate the process of growth and unfolding of their gifts, talents and skills and to guide and assist them until they fully reach the peak of their own mastery. 


The design of the training and educational healing programs is based upon Koginka’s amazing background and expertise as a innate vibrational reader, gifted healer and multi-talented instructor. They are the composition that emerged from the great amount of wisdom he acquired since he was very little, while immersing himself into a deep study of energetic and vibrational laws and facts through many different healing modalities and through the extensive direct experience built up with thousands of critical and complex cases. The core of his teachings and programs makes deep emphasis on vibrational and energetic facts and applicable practices. These programs are designed for those that are deeply committed to their own personal growth process and energetic clearing and refinement for their own healing and thus the healing of the whole.

Our programs are non-formal, eclectic and functional, which make them very suitable for people who are seeking for wise ways to seriously transform themselves and acquire elements for self-healing on all levels and who in turn wish to use these to serve humanity. 

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